Kylièn Sarino Bergh

The typographic game proposes not so much a set of rules, but rather a set of opportunities. The tiles are based on systematical designed letterforms, allowing connections to be made with other parts. Each letter-shape has three variations which are distinct by colour. The game comes with an instruction book and additional cards that can be used as an extension to the game.

Interaction Design, 2016
Photos by Liza Szabó

The northern part of the Netherlands, especially the province of Groningen, is tormented by earthquakes, caused by gas exploitation. To support the counter movement, Wannes Vrijs and I designed a map, using official NAVO visual grammar to map out all gas installations, earthquakes, the pipelines and all other information concerning the network of the gas exploitation.

Collaboration with Wannes Vrijs, 2016
Photos by Liza Szabó

The book ‘Objectivity is a Lie’ is the result of a half year lasting project combining a theoretical and practical approach, researching objectivity in graphic design. The publication contains all writings, references, experiments and poster designs on the topic of objectivity in Graphic Design.

Book Design, 2015
Photos by Liza Szabó

For a group exhibition at Museum Meermanno in The Hague, I collaborated with Thijmen van Brunschot to research the language that is used to teach about our society and democracy. The visual analysis aims to show that the indiscreet application of imagery does not contribute to the preparation of future participants of our democratic society but rather stigmatises the very same topics it aims to represent.

Meermanno, 2017
Collabortation with Thijmen van Brunschot

During 2016, I participated in the research lab of the Royal Academy of Arts, commissioned by the Dutch Council for Health and Society to research the notion of loneliness. Within the topic, I focussed on the influences of the stigmatisation of the media.The research resulted in a booklet in which the research is combined and a campaign in which the stigmatisation of the media is encountered, using the same tools and techniques.

Research Lab, 2016
Photos by Liza Szabó

The series of pocket books are a revival of classic English literature, providing the stories of Maude Radford, Rafael Sabatini and J. Walker McSpadden with a contemporary look. The style of the title pages index and other typographic elements differ slightly from each book, yet with maintaining a clear overall visual identity of the whole series.

Book Series, 2016
Photos by Liza Szabó

All around the world, pirate libraries are created with the ideology to make information accessible for everyone. Information is retrieved from privatised organisations and libraries and shared with those who in need of it. This pirate reader collects material concerning the topic of Mobility, in ownership of the Royal Library (KB) in The Hague. The fragments represented in this reader are originating from books that are only available due request and are solely to be inspected at the reading halls of the Royal Library itself.

The book ‘Waarom koop ik altijd bloemen voor de gefotografeerde?’ is the thesis designed for former photography student, Wiosna van Bon, now active within the field of documentary photography. The thesis questions and redefines the guidelines of the profession of the documentary photographer and is of great interest to anyone in an equal discipline.

Book Design, 2017
Photos by Liza Szabó

The photographic project focusses on the beauty of architectural structures. Unfortunately the beauty of the essential constructions remain often unnoticed. I used the medium of photography to encounter this and document the beauty of the constructed environment. Also, to suggest an intervention, I have installed mirrors on several locations, reading the line ‘Don’t ignore me’ to invite passengers to engage with their surroundings.

Intervention, 2015

Graphic Designer